The Invictus Saddlepad: Optimal Protection and Support of the Horse’s Back Musculature Thanks to D3O® Smart Material Technology:

In addition to optimal protection, the Invictus pad delivers a whole new level of performance. Generally, protective pads rely on a certain structural composition to distribute pressure energy. The Invictus Pad works on a molecular level with reactive, adaptive smart material, and thus exceeds the possibilities of conventional materials. 

The Advantage: 

- Exceptional ability to disperse pressure and impact in a pad that’s only 1,5cm (XNUMX”) thin. The fit of the saddle is not altered and the contact between horse and rider remains intact.  

- A higher and more sophisticated degree of protection than with conventional pad materials of the same thickness - and in most cases better than materials that are up to 3x as thick.  

- In horses with chronic back problems, the Invictus pad has proven to be a very important part in the management of issues ranging from 'cold backs' to kissing spine.  

- Even the performance of custom-made saddles can be supplemented by Smart Material Technology, as it supports and protects the back muscles in such a way that a biomechanically correct movement is promoted.  

"Firm or supple - there is a big difference between a tense and a strengthened, supple muscle tone: a tense muscle can only absorb pressure energy poorly."

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Proven Science - Rider Approved

The D3O® technology

Where the horse normally tenses the sensitive back muscles in order to react to pressure or involuntary saddle- or rider movements, the patented D3O® Smart Material technology in our Invictus Pads filters out these influences, and the horse's back can work in a positive tension to support a biomechanically correct movement.  

Intelligent molecules in a polymer pull together in an appropriate reaction to pressure or impact and build a surface against which pressure and impact is dissipated. Appropriate in this case means that they will pull together only as much as is needed, for example slightly against small pressure and tight against hard impact. Once pressure subsides, the material goes instantly back to being soft and flexible. 

Testimonials (Swipe for more)

My horse is super sensitive to my slightly rotated pelvis. He usually has a problem on the left hand, especially at the gallop, and reacts with protest. With the way I'm sitting, and the saddle movement, he does not understand my help. With the Invictus Pad, the problems disappear - he turns perfectly, gallops on the left hand and shows a much greater freedom of movement. He is calm and satisfied.

Due to the fact that the pad also reduces the movement between me and the horseback, my back is also much better at riding. I suffer from spinal disc damage and with the Invictus Pad, the pain of riding is almost completely reduced.

P.deGysser - Dressage rider (Amateur)

My horse travels clear again, I could now test the pad properly. Of course he does not run away from it like a young horse, but he runs very satisfied and looks for the way forward-down faster.

J.Hoffmann, Dressage (Amateur)

When I got the Invictus Pad, I used it on horses that are particularly sensitive in the back. After just a few days, I noticed that the horses - and myself - were much more comfortable. The horses now jump flawless laps without the previous signs of fatigue and back pain. Because of an accident, I have to work with back pain every day. The Invictus Pad relieves my back and that of the horses. Because the pad is thin and provides a stable base, it can be used under almost all saddles.

L.Haaga, Jumping (Professional)

My horse is sensitive in the back and it there were obviously repeatedly pressure points despite new and adapted saddle. After using the pad, the training sessions were fairly consistent and no abnormalities on the back were noticeable. At first I was skeptical, because my horse has often reacted positively to changes initially, but then fell back into the "old pattern" after a few weeks. This has not happened this time.

B.Mitsch, Jumping (Amateur)

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