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My horse is super sensitive to my slightly rotated pelvis. He usually has a problem on the left hand, especially at the gallop, and reacts with protest. With the way I'm sitting, and the saddle movement, he does not understand my help. With the Invictus Pad, the problems disappear - he turns perfectly, gallops on the left hand and shows a much greater freedom of movement. He is calm and satisfied.

Due to the fact that the pad also reduces the movement between me and the horseback, my back is also much better at riding. I suffer from spinal disc damage and with the Invictus Pad, the pain of riding is almost completely reduced.

P.deGysser - Dressage rider (Amateur)

My horse travels clear again, I could now test the pad properly. Of course he does not run away from it like a young horse, but he runs very satisfied and looks for the way forward-down faster.

J.Hoffmann, Dressage (Amateur)

When I got the Invictus pad, I used it on the horses, which are especially sensitive in the back. After only a few days I noticed that the horses - and myself - were much more comfortable. The horses now jump flawless laps without the earlier signs of fatigue and back pain. Because of an accident, I have to work with back pain every day. The Invictus Pad relieves my back, as well as that of the horses. The fact that the pad is thin and provides a stable surface, you can use it under almost all saddles.

L.Haaga, Jumping (Professional)

My horse is sensitive in the back and it there were obviously repeatedly pressure points despite new and adapted saddle. After using the pad, the training sessions were fairly consistent and no abnormalities on the back were noticeable. At first I was skeptical, because my horse has often reacted positively to changes initially, but then fell back into the "old pattern" after a few weeks. This has not happened this time.

B.Mitsch, Jumping (Amateur)

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