Molecules for a relaxed back - my horse seal of approval

We are very pleased to have convinced the Mein Pferd editorial team with our Invictus Pad and to have received the seal of approval after an extensive practical test. 
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Molecules for a relaxed back

Such a thin pad should help our horses that they less pressure in the back feel? We could hardly imagine that, but we are from them Results impressed!

The question often arises as to whether you should put a pad between the saddle pad and saddle. Lambskin and gel are the predominant materials. Even with minor adjustment difficulties, a suitable pad can help the saddle to lie well. The Invictus brand has been creating the perfect pad for many years, which should help the horse to loosen up and relax the back muscles and reduce the rider's bad impact. In the case of the standard model, whoever is careful not to change the fit of the saddle. 

The technology

The pads are the only saddle pads that are equipped with the so-called D3O® Smart Material Technology. They are only 1,5 cm thin, but offer an exceptional pressure distribution through reactive molecules. In addition, they are very breathable and non-slip, which means that the pad stays exactly where it should be. With the help of D3O® Smart Material Technology, printing energies can be compensated better than with any other material of comparable thickness. In special tests it was found that the Invictus Pad absorbs pressure significantly better than memory foam and gel. 
A flexible polymer plastic has been incorporated into the core of the pad, which reacts to pressure energies with special molecules: As soon as the molecules are exposed to pressure, they contract and form a surface that optimally compensates for pressure and shock. When the pressure drops, the molecules react by dissolving again. The pad is then soft again. 

High quality design

A breathable spacer fabric is used on the underside of the pad, which prevents heat build-up and contributes to the first-class fit of the pad. The non-slip microfibre fabric in suede look provides a sporty, classic look that looks discreet under dressage saddles as well as all-purpose or jumping saddles. Due to its very light weight of only 900 grams, it can be placed on any saddle pad and under any saddle. 
The pad should only be washed by hand and not in the washing machine or dryer. Any dust can easily be removed with a microfiber cloth. It is delivered in a high-quality bag, which is ideal for storage when not in use. 


The Invictus saddle pad looks inconspicuous, but shows its effectiveness when riding. Most of the horses on which we tested it ran much more relaxed under the pad and after a shorter warm-up phase let themselves be ridden easily over their backs. The saddle fit just as well as without a pad and was not unbalanced. The saddle pad is also available as a variant with slide-in pockets. This can compensate for small deficits in the saddle fit. Molecular technology really seems to work and we don't want to be without the pad anymore. A not cheap, but very good pad.