Invictus Equality Pad - Correction Pad / Black or Brown
Invictus Equality Pad - Correction Pad / Black or Brown
Invictus Equality Pad - Correction Pad / Black or Brown

Invictus Equality Pad - Correction Pad / Black or Brown

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With the Invictus Equality saddle pad, the horse's back is optimally protected, and with the inserts made of memory foam, minor or temporary problems with the support of the saddle can be solved.  Otherwise, the Invictus Saddle Pad has the same advantages as our Necesse Pad: 

The only saddle pad with D3O® Smart Material Technology: 1,5 cm thin - exceptional pressure distribution through reactive molecules - breathable - non-slip. Offers optimal protection and supports the horse's back muscles. 


The Details:

With the help of D3O® Smart Material Technology Pressure energies can be better compensated than in any other material of comparable thickness.
(On our Performance page we have a table that shows how the Invictus pad performs in comparison to memory foam, gel or thin pads without increased protection factor.)

At the heart of the Invictus Pad is a flexible polymer with molecules that respond to pressure energies: when they are under pressure, they contract and form an area that optimally disperses pressure and impact. The molecules react to decreasing pressure by immediately releasing each other. These reactions happen with split second timing.

On the underside of the pad is a highly breathable hi-tech spacer fabric at work, which provides moisture management, prevents heat build-up and contributes to the first-class fit of the pad.

On top is a non-slip microfiber fabric in faux suede for a sporty-classic look.

The Invictus Equality Pad comes with a set Memory foam inserts. Each set has inserts for the front, rear and middle sections of the saddle.

The Colors:
Black with light gray piping
Brown with brown binding

The Sizes:
VS/AP  (for saddles up to 17,5")
Because the Invictus pad is generally cut to keep the pad out of the saddle, the VS / AP pad can easily be used under dressage saddles.

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